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    Joining in God's mission to our world, we at Boise Friends Church exist to serve as beacons to those around us, demonstrating hope and faith through our love for God, love for one another, and our obedience to Jesus Christ.
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June 30th Sermon

Conflict 2

 Pastor Scott – Acts 6:1-7,

 “When Conflicts Arise”


1)      When there is a need, don’t be afraid to communicate it. (Especially with those in leadership that you respect and trust, and whose lives reflect the fruit of the Spirit.)


2)      When there is conflict, don’t be afraid to address it. (Healthy transparency in church settings is something so many people long for).


3)      God has gifted each of us for the place God made for us in His Kingdom. (He needs us all to exercise the gifts He has given us, public or totally behind the scenes – they are all crucial.)


4)      When we communicate, deal with things in healthy transparency, and live into the gifts God has given each of us, the word of God’s working in this world spreads and people come into contact with the living and loving God. This changes lives!

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    Join us this Sunday. February 4, at 10:30AM for our morning worship service.  Pastor Gil George will be our guest speaker.  His message is entitled “Hold on Tight!” based on John 15:1-5.

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