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    Joining in God's mission to our world, we at Boise Friends Church exist to serve as beacons to those around us, demonstrating hope and faith through our love for God, love for one another, and our obedience to Jesus Christ.
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January 31st Sermon


Pastor Scott – Matthew-Acts/Revelation 17,

“Core Values: Following and Leading”

January 24th Sermon


Pastor Scott – January 24th,

John 14-16/Acts 1/Romans 8 – “Core Values: The Holy Spirit”

This is the recording of the final prayer. The main sermon encountered technical difficulties…

January 17th Sermon


Pastor Scott – Genesis 1/John 1,3,

“Core Values: Life”

January 10th Sermon

John_1 Bible page

Pastor Scott – John 1, 5/2 Timothy 3,

“Core Values: Scripture”

January 3rd Sermon


Pastor Scott – John 14,15/Matthew 28:16-20,

“Core Values: Jesus Christ Is Present”

December 27th Sermon


Pastor Scott – Acts 3-4,

“Worth the Wait”

December 20th Sermon

A savior is born

Pastor Scott – Isaiah 9/Romans 8,

“Advent – Time to Celebrate”

December 13th Sermon

Patience - James 5=7-8

Pastor Scott – Romans 8/Hebrews 11-12,

“Advent – Patience”

December 6th Sermon


Pastor Scott – Revelation 19:7, Romans 8,

“Advent – Preparing”

Indoor Park 2016 is coming!!!

A rumor is going around that during the winter months there is a place where young children can go to play and get the wiggles out in a warm and park-like environment.




That rumor is true!




Come and join us at Boise Friends Church for Little Friends Indoor Park 2016.

The doors to our gym open on Thursday, January 7th.




For more information, please click here.

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    Sunday 01/24/16
    Core Values: The Holy Spirit
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