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    Joining in God's mission to our world, we at Boise Friends Church exist to serve as beacons to those around us, demonstrating hope and faith through our love for God, love for one another, and our obedience to Jesus Christ.
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April 24th Sermon


Pastor Scott – Acts 9:1-31,

“Eyewitness – Saul Encounters Jesus”

April 17th Sermon

Follow the Light

Pastor Scott – Acts 6-7,

“Eyewitness: Stephen Sees Jesus”

April 10th Sermon


Pastor Scott – John 21, 

“Eyewitness: Jesus and Peter”

April 3rd Sermon

road to emmaus

Tom Romberg – Luke 24:13-35,

“We Would See Jesus”

March 27th Sermon


Pastor Scott – Resurrection Accounts in Matthew-John,

“Eyewitness: Jesus and the Disciples”

March 20th Sermon

Vallotton Annie Vallotton drawings _Good news bible Collins Fontana 1976 British and foreign bible societies 146 Queen Victoria Street London

Pastor Scott – John 12:1-9,

“Eyewitness: Jesus and the Anointing”

March 13th Sermon


Pastor Scott – John 8:1-11,

“Eyewitness: Jesus and the Adulteress”

March 6th Sermon

Jesus heals the leper

Pastor Scott – Mark 1:40-45,

“Eyewitness: Jesus and the Leper”

February 28th Sermon

Salt of the Earth

Sherri Sheirbon – Matthew 5:1-16,

“Being Salt”

The main body of this sermon was recorded and is available here. A small section from the front end was missed.

February 21st Sermon


Pastor Scott – Mark 1:1-20,

“What Is Our Good News?”

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