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    Joining in God's mission to our world, we at Boise Friends Church exist to serve as beacons to those around us, demonstrating hope and faith through our love for God, love for one another, and our obedience to Jesus Christ.
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August 21st Sermon


Pastor Scott – Exodus 18-24,

“Covenant Confirmed”

August 14th Sermon

bread of Life

Pastor Scott – Exodus 16-17,

“Provision from Heaven”

August 7th Sermon


Pastor Scott – Exodus 13-15,

“Crossing Over”

July 31st Sermon


Pastor Scott – Exodus 5-12,

“Set Free”

July 24th Sermon


Pastor Scott – Exodus 3-4,

“God’s Response”

July 10th Sermon


Pastor Scott – Genesis 37-50,

“A Mess Into a Blessing”

July 3rd Sermon

Wrestling with God

Pastor Scott – Genesis 32,

“Struggling with God”

June 26th Sermon

Jacob's Stairway to Heaven 2

Pastor Scott – Genesis 28,

“The Promise for a New Generation”

June 19th Sermon


Pastor Scott – Genesis 22,

“Test of Faith”

June 12th Sermon

The Miracle of Laughter

Pastor Scott – Genesis 18-21,

“The Miracle of Laughter”

  • Scripture reading for Sunday:

    Sunday 08/28/16
    Exodus 25-34
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    Boise, ID 83704
    (208) 375-9580

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    9:00 AM
    Adult Sunday School
    10:00 AM
    10:30 AM
    Worship Gathering

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